Devops Engineer roles and responsibilities

A widely held view is that a Devops Engineer is an amalgamation of two previously separate roles developer and sysadmin and In effect one person doing two people’s jobs. What is true is that Devops role contains aspects of these other roles. For example knowledge of scripting or coding is an expectation for the role. Devops Engineers are expected to be more or less the same level as engineers but rather than know a single area the expectation is that they have this breath of knowledge so for example Devops are expected to have knowledge of java and python.  Equally this same individual may be required to have knowledge of one or more CICD tools such as Jenkins or Travis CI. We still are yet to mention behmoths that are AWS or Azure before throwing in the provisioning and configuration tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet. Let’s not forget Selenium as well as monitoring Kibana, Splunk and Stackdriver

Key aspects of today’s Devops engineer is working in an agile environment and a focus on continuous integration and delivery, process reengineering and collaborative working environments hence the popularity of messaging tools such as slack, google hangout.

With all these tools and systems that the poor Devops Engineer needs to be an expert on little doubt there is substantial demand for such talent. Average base pay for DevOps engineer in the US according to Glassdoor is $130K while in the UK its £42K. Contract positons are routinely advertised for £450-£600 per day making Devops Engineers currently one of the highest paid IT professions around.


How do you become a Devops Engineer?

If you are still mesmerised by the high wages that the Devops Engineers can earn and not put off by the likely long hours and pressures of the job then despite no clearly defined path to becoming a Devops Engineer, the best way is to come from either a background as a developer or sysadmin. If you are from either one of these then you already have one half of the requirements and simply need to work to acquire the other half. Many organisations now offer Devop Engineer internships but best to have a good understanding or at least desire learn all the many technologies required to become a solid Devops Engineer


I have listed some Devops Engineer jobs below to give you a further idea on the roles and responsibilities of a Devops Engineer

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